Information Technology – Broad Based Basic Training (BBBT)

a)      Module I: Basic Electrical And Electronics

Carry out soldering and de-soldering of electronic components; Identify and test passive and active electronic components; Able to repair linear power supply and SMPS used in personal computers; Maintain rechargeable batteries

b)      Module – II: Basic Assembling And Maintenance Of PCs

Carry out routine maintenance of PCs; Identify hardware and software faults in a PC and to troubleshoot; Assemble, upgrade a PC to a given requirement

c)      Module – III: Basic Computer Networking

Prepare straight and cross cables, Install wall outlets; Interconnect computers using switch and establish peer-to-peer, client-server connection; Create user’s groups and allocate rights and privileges.

d)     Module – IV: Basic Office Automation

Create documents, reports, memos, & such required in an office situation including mail merge; Create worksheets for a given requirement, manipulate data and give results; Create PowerPoint presentations; Use Outlook for effective planning and scheduling of day to day work; Create illustrative broachers and pamphlets using PageMaker and Corel draw.

e)      Module – V: Basic Internet and Multimedia

Establish internet connection and use internet for getting required information in sending mails, download software from internet; Configure and use outlook express for sending and receiving mails; Create simple WebPages, simple animations, graphic files and edit

f)       Module – VI: Basic Database Processing

Use MS-DOS commands for creating simple batch files; Design a database and create a table for given requirement; Create a query and generate reports; Use visual basic as front-end, Develop simple application using MS-ACCESS & VB

Option for Employment: Excellent opportunities in Electronic Industries, PC Manufacturing Companies, in the field of Installation and maintenance, in the field of networking, Desktop publishing, Data Entry Operator, Web Designing, Database Developer.

Option for Self Employment: To start an own business for the maintenance of electronic goods, Assembling & Maintenance of PC’s, Networking; To start a business for Desktop publishing, Web designing, Database Processing.